I like to use your marmalade sparingly, it’s that good.  I’m in marmalade heaven for the next few weeks”.  Howard- Chester.

organic Gooseberry Jam

Hembridge Organics Gooseberry jam reached the finals in the BOOM awards 2023.

organic whisky marmalade

Handmade in Somerset
Prepared with delicious fresh ingredients. We’ve given our award winning marmalade a naughty twist by adding a wee dram of Organic Highland Whisky.
Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

organic seville marmalade

Our award winning marmalade is handmade, using only the finest, succulent, organic Seville oranges. A full flavoured breakfast, teatime or anytime treat. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

organic alehouse chutney

A rich full flavoured chutney packed with the finest crunchy organic vegetables hearty west country stout and a selection of delicious aromatic spices. Delicious with strong cheeses, cold meats or try with curry.

organic raspberry jam

Deliciously ripe English grown organic Raspberries, cooked in small batches gives this traditional jam an intense, full flavour.

Swirl in a yoghurt, Stuff in a sponge or stir in a sauce.

organic plum & brandy jam

We pick the juiciest English grown plums and cook them by hand in small open pan batches. We add a splash of brandy to produce a rich delicious jam with a hint of Christmas.

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We give all the over ripe and ugly produce that would otherwise be abandoned a second chance, and turn it into delicious award winning, vegan organic jams and chutneys.
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Our Suppliers

We have the privilege to work and live in beautiful Somerset. Bursting with fantastic organic growers, here you’ll find details of some of them.

“Whilst we seem to have a plethora of jam and chutney producers in Somerset nobody seemed to be producing organic, local preserves.”

Over ripe and Ugly Produce are all Perfectly Good just not that Pretty.

My name is Kerry Dodd founder of Hembridge Organics.  Vegan friendly, gluten free organic preserves.

I soon realised that farmers would grow the same fruit and vegetables as each other resulting in a “glut” for the county. I decided that surely, we could turn this glorious harvest into something else.

What to do with the gluts, over ripe and ugly produce?  All perfectly good just not that pretty. We give this otherwise abandoned fruit and veg a second chance, a new lease of life and turn it into delicious award winning, vegan organic jams and chutneys.  You will find no nastiness in our preserves.  We use no artificial sweeteners, thickeners or chemicals.  We just rely on the pectin produced naturally by the fruit to produce a “set”.

Why is organic so important to you and why did you want to be certified by the soil association?

Being organic is important to me as I like to be able to read an ingredients label and know exactly what that ingredient is without having to have a degree in chemistry to decipher it.  The soil association is an internationally recognized symbol which guarantees the organic provenance of our products and ingredients.

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