About Hembridge Organics

Kerry Dodd

Finding myself “unemployable” after the birth of our son, I initially started Hembridge Organics as an internet box scheme supplying local customers with organic vegetables grown in Somerset, sourcing vegetables from five organic producers. I soon realised that the farmers would grow the same fruit and vegetables as each other resulting in a “glut” for the county. Customers would soon get fed up with seeing the same old vegetables in their box . Whilst we seem to have a plethora of jam and chutney producers in Somerset nobody seemed to be producing organic, local preserves. Having a background in retail but not a natural cook, I turned to my other half for help, after all he had always made his own cider, beer and mead, surely making jams and chutneys were not that much different? Well maybe. After much alchemy, tweaking tastings, tears and tantrums Hembridge Organics now boasts 9 delicious flavours. Using traditional recipes, small batch “open pan” methods and real ingredients from neighbouring organic farms, our preserves have won national food awards. We have since given up the box scheme to concentrate on our ever growing preserves business.
Kerry & Jeremy Dodd